Consult with me…

Are you looking to put a lil’ more love in your brand?   You can email me or find me on the ideas and trends site PSFK to ask a question.  Link here to view my resume.

An artist or organization that needs some help rockin’ the world?  Link here to view my production credits.

Looking to put a lil’ more green in your lifeContact me for educational workshops, speaking engagements, eco-makeover consultation (for homes and offices) or fundraiser for your organization.

CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW for more on my eco-views:

Growing the Roots of Resilience by C. Sala Hewitt from PlanIt Brooklyn on Vimeo.


“I immediately invited her to visit my classroom. During her visit, she delivered instruction that is worthy of a lead teacher.  She effortlessly excited and sustained student-interest (this is no minor feat as the students are mixed in grade, ability-levels, gender, race, and socio-economic groupings)  …My science colleague and I repeatedly remarked to each other about Ms. Hewitt’s riveting style and excellent blend of warmth plus strong group management.  Now—months removed from her workshop—my students still reference key points from her lesson and recall her overarching message that taking care of our planets parallels the way humans take care of themselves.”   Torrey Maldonado, Teacher and Author, on Hewitt’s workshop Sustainability: Getting in Touch with Our Roots.


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