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SustainACTIVITY: A rockin’ clothing swap for Spring! This Saturday 2/26

Why buy when you can save?  Why shop when you can swap?  Yay, Ms. Sallome Hralima brings her famed clothing swap back to the block!  And she has a nifty promo video for it, too (see below on the “more’ … Continue reading

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Factory farming on the famished road: Africa & Animal Welfare

Check out this video post, courtesy of, a vegan, animal rights website: Africa Animal Welfare Action Conference. It discusses the intensification of factory-style animal farming in Ethiopia.  This may come as no surprise to anyone following the encroaching of … Continue reading

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Agave, A-go-away!!!

No wonder my sugar cravings haven’t dissipated!  I’ve been eating agave!  Turns out that agave may cause negative health affects similar to high fructose corn syrup!  OMG.  Somebody give me some raw honey—quick.  Apparently this is about as raw a … Continue reading

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Picture this Peak Planet

This dandy chart visualizes the kind of limits we’re pushing on the planet–right, about, now.  By Christian Guthier, via Creative Commons.

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SustainACTIVITY: Architectural design show, anyone?

JUGAAD URBANISM:  Resourceful Strategies for Indian Cities At the Center for Architecture, NYC until MAY 21, 2011 (Please share with me any design show highlights you come across!) A friend put me on to the opening night of this exhibit … Continue reading

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Healer & husband foster sustainability model site in Illinois

Just heard about a sustainable living farm and building site in Pembrook, Illinois, called the Black Oak Center.  Through their work, they are demonstrating how a “back to the land” effort can truly enrich communities with good health, and that … Continue reading

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