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Crowd-Lending Goes Live! Crowdfunding Brings Affordable Loans to Small Businesses

Re-post.  Original via TriplePundit.com When Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act in April 2012, the finance and small business communities were both excited and befuddled. Title III established approval of crowd-sourced securities—allowing crowd-funding web portals like Kickstarter to … Continue reading

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Investing in “Impact” Businesses: Notes from a novice insider

This summer, between years in my graduate studies, I set out to help realize an increasingly collective vision for a cleaner, fairer economy that benefits marginalized communities.  My exploration led me to Jalia Ventures, where I got an insider perspective … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurs have a Role in Recessionary Recovery

In 2009, President Obama gave a rare shout-out to New Jersey-based social entrepreneur Alfa Demmellash, founder of Rising Tide Capital in Hoboken.  Rising Tide Capital serves small business owners and people considering starting a business by providing start-up and business … Continue reading

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Inspired Protagonist vs. Brawny: Seventh Generation showdown

Reposted from TriplePundit.com: Brand competition in the Sustainability Era You might have heard a rumor that the weekend was invented by Ford, in order to spur economic growth in and around is factories.  And that would be partially true.  Ford … Continue reading

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Majora Carter seeks “Hometown Security” in Net Impact Keynote

Reposted from TriplePundit.com: On Saturday, October 30, Net Impact closed out their 2010 conference on sustainable enterprise at the UMich Ross School of Business with keynote speaker Majora Carter, a dynamic green community development consultant whose work is revitalizing in … Continue reading

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Paupers to Partners: Co-Creation as New Framework for Base of Pyramid

Reposed from TriplePundit.com: 2010 marked the 10th anniversary of the equally venerated and vilified concept of “Base of the Pyramid” first proposed in an academic paper by then business academic CK Prahalad.  The concept gained considerable steam in business circles … Continue reading

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