Green For All gets Wheels Rolling in City Transit, Wraps up Its Fifth Year with Wins for Workers

Green For All (GFA) is truly an organization unto its own, creating wins for a Green Economy that, has received almost no legislative attention.  When the U.S. government faced severe immobilization with great partisan divide over such basics as government funding for Medicare extensions, few people are surprised by the void of Federal leadership in matters related to the Green Economy.  What began as inspired evocation of a potentially sustainable future through investment in alternative energy solutions during Obama’s first bid for president in 2008 has petered into silence, punctuated by the Keystone Pipeline and pock-marked by a fracking boom. Continue reading

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“The Twin Challenges of Development and Climate Change, The Climate Crisis is Madness”


Please view this heart-wrenching speech by Filipino Climate Chief Yeb Saño, before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

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Crowd-Lending Goes Live! Crowdfunding Brings Affordable Loans to Small Businesses

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ImageWhen Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act in April 2012, the finance and small business communities were both excited and befuddled. Title III established approval of crowd-sourced securities—allowing crowd-funding web portals like Kickstarter to issue equity loans or revenue-sharing agreements from individual investors.

But since then, the SEC has dragged its feet with follow-up regulations for crowd-sourced equity funding; meanwhile, small businesses have been searching for urgent solutions to their funding needs. There’s been much chatter about small businesses driving our economic recovery, yet finding best-fit financing remains a remarkable challenge for entrepreneurs in our credit-restricted economy. Continue reading

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Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act by Frances Moore Lappé — YES! Magazine

Loved this article from Fances Moore Lappé. She always has something inspiring and urgent to say that’s relevant to the sustainability economy. And Yes! Magazine is a great resource for sustainable community news.

Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act by Frances Moore Lappé — YES! Magazine.

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Saint Lucia’s going Fossil-fuel Free? ‘Ten Island Renewable Challenge’ with Richard Branson and the UNFCCC

Big news for St. Lucians! If done well, the Ten Island Challenge could generate possible solutions for other vulnerable island nations (not to mention, vulnerable coastal communities).

Saint Lucia signs up for the Carbon War Room’s ‘Ten Island Renewable Challenge’ – Renewable Energy Focus.

News was announced on Virgin Mobile’s blog in May.

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Eve, God, Biodynamics: A collection of food philosophy essays

Welcome to my collection of food philosophy essays, “Eve, God Biodynamics.” I’m posting this table of contents so that you can read them in order, by referring to the links below. Cheers!

Part 1: Eve, God, Biodynamics
Part 2: Outhouse to Hotseat to Hothouse
Part 3: Digging the Subtleties
Part 4: The seeds of market failure
Part 5: The antagonistic shopper society
Part 6: Redemption and My Gardenin’ Angel

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Part 6: Redemption and my gardenin’ angel

It is time for a new economic system—the “I Care” economy.  Continue reading

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