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An Ethnology of Sustainability: Pre-lude

Digging.  A sizable shovel delivering mounds of rich earth.  Sun ablaze, mosquitoes swarming, fierce for their morning sanguine meal.  Me.  A skeptical bourgeoisie, whose peasant earth-bound tendencies have been carefully manicured, trimmed back to an effete intelligentsia by “proper” upbringing.  … Continue reading

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Ethnology of Backpacking

I haven’t done much backpacking in my life, or international travel for that matter.  My backpacking has been of the studious girl-with-too-much-to-carry variety.  But having visited India and now Costa Rica, I have begun to familiarize myself with the other … Continue reading

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An Ethnology of Sustainability: Part 1 Heroines in “Gringolandia”

Aunque, I had tried in earnest to find a travel destination not overrun by wealthy Westerners, or gringos as they are called and now call themselves, I nonetheless landed in a thicket of a little gringo community  in Pedregossa, Costa … Continue reading

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Will Work For Organic Chocolate!

Given the crawling and flying bugs, the incessant rains of the winter season, the mud, and the commitment to cold water showers, farming in the tropics is just not for the faint of heart–but, as they say, “what don’t kill … Continue reading

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Connecting to Earth

Lately in my life, I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to sustainable living.  I’ve been an organizer in some lights, having worked to spread knowledge and engagement on green issues both in my community and my workplace.  However, some … Continue reading

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