This week’s Big 4 Lessons for the Purpose Economy

4. Incorporating as a public benefit corporation is like “Good hygiene for running companies better,” says Christopher Grewe, of American Prison Data Systems, a legally incorporated Benefit Corporation aimed at reducing prison violence and recidivism through cost efficiency methods. It strengthens your business’s ability to attract investors, clients, and employees who are vested in your social mission. It enables business owners to count their social and environmental impact as success, and not just an added-on charity.

3. B-Lab, the non-profit organization that launched the official Benefit Corporation legal status for businesses, and a certification process that measures your company’s impact according to your: Governance standards, Worker relationships, Environmental impact, Community impact, as well as your overall business mission.

2. Fannie Lou Hamer was an early sustainable development innovator, launching a Freedom Farm during the Civil Rights era, and was instrumental in the distribution of pigs as livestock that would generate future wealth and self-sufficiency for over 300 rural families suffering under Jim Crow’s opposition to Civil Rights.

1. “Foundations and governments don’t fund revolutions,” says Mr. Dennis Derryck, of Corbin Hill Food Project, a sustainable food “hub” in Schoharie County, NY that links small farmers to the NYC urban market. He says Corbin Farm’s aim of food sovereignty, that offers ownership and decision making power among buyers in urban, disadvantaged communities, does not easily win grants from typical sources. The Corbin Hill “farm-share” has been primarily funded through member-owners (71% Black and Latino, 51% women), who receive produce and value added food products through a Corbin Hill distribution site or organization in Harlem and the Bronx. So who funds the revolution? We do.


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