Fun new Game: Climate change and Who’s to blame!

China vs. US Carbon emissions showdown:  Tie for total emissions, but US dominates in the per-capita output contest.

I know you knew all along that the average American wastes, ahem, uses more energy to support his/her lifestyle than the average Chinese person–ah, my readers are so smart!  *Yes, you too! nudge nudge*.  But, aha!  I bet you haven’t seen this fabulous graphic detailing the showdown among all countries!  This one’s for all my infoporn loving friends <3.   Kids, see what rate yours and other countries are polluting per capita versus total!

Thanks GOOD Mag and Stanford Kay for this interesting carbon footprint pdf visual, that explores the relative size of a country’s total carbon emission versus it’s per capita carbon emission.  Interestingly, it looks like small import-dependent countries tend towards a relatively high per-capita rate of emissions.  Just goes to show how important localizing production of goods is to the overall health of the planet.



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