Healer & husband foster sustainability model site in Illinois

Just heard about a sustainable living farm and building site in Pembrook, Illinois, called the Black Oak Center.  Through their work, they are demonstrating how a “back to the land” effort can truly enrich communities with good health, and that African Americans are not shying away from reclaiming the skills needed to claim long-lasting resilience.  The Carter family founders are instituting sustainable building techniques and renewable energy infrastructure for “off-grid” living.   Co-founder Fred Carter appears to be espousing the peak-oilTransition Town” principles that we need to power-off carbon-based energy, himself having been a former transportation executive.   Co-founder Dr. Jifunza Carter, MD brings holistic health advocacy to the fore in the mission to achieve sustainability.  It seems like this pair couldn’t be better equipped to make their post-oil transition.

Named for an endangered species of black oaks that grew on these Midwestern plains, the Black Oak Center for Sustainable Renewable Living acts as a leading steward for land preservation techniques in this historic, rural community of Pembrook Township/Hopkins Park.  The latter was founded by a runaway slave, and therefore, self-freedman Pep Tetter of North Carolina, and became a hub for the underground railroad.  Thank you Pep for your bravery, so that Black Oaks Center might flourish and become a stop on today’s Post-Carbon Railroad!

Onward to freedom for healthier people of all stripes on a healthier planet!


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C. Sala Hewitt
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