Re-Post from Ayiti Resurrect on Community Healing Support in Haiti

(Simply sharing this blog from the Ayiti Resurrect project team, news of their inspiring and dedicated work underway, helping folks in Haiti, at this time of reflection.  Please visit their site for more details.)

“AYITI RESURRECT & Ayiti Cherie Healing Project delegates are in Haiti right now working and building in the community of Bigones, a small rural community in Leogane (epicenter of the quake), for our first of two healing delegations this Spring 2011. Delegates and partners on the ground are hard at work preparing for a commemoration of the one year anniversary of the earthquake on January 12th, which includes the building of a memorial with the community. Also, we are hosting and facilitating workshops with members of the community and local artists. On January 8th, we held a workshop with over 120 participants – hosted by 15 local artists – creating art out of natural and found materials. We will have more to share soon – once delegates Naima, Beatrice, and Patricia return. But for now, we offer a brief update – and to let our supporters and future delegates know what is happening. Look out for more updates soon!

Workshop in Bigones 8 Jan 2011 

ALSO for all of those who donated and supported our benefit HAITI IN:SIGHT – we want to let you know that your funds and support have made this trip possible. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  The benefit was incredibly powerful, and we initiated the healing space that we envision and are bringing to fruition in Ayiti. We want to thank all of you who attended and especially those who volunteered their time and energy in making our benefit so successful. We had an enlightening evening of performances, dancing, and multi-media art — all provided a lens through which the beauty and power of Haiti was honored. We took the opportunity to learn more about the aftermath of this unnatural disaster. And throughout the evening, we contributed to the healing and sustainability of Haiti. WE GIVE THANKS to all of the brilliant artists and performers who made HAITI IN:SIGHT possible: including Imani Uzuri, Climbing Poetree, Mahina Movement, Val-Inc, Gina Athena Ulysse, Sade Dozier, Wyatt Gallery, Vaimoana Niumeitolu, Sabine Blaizin’, Shayshahn “Phearnone” MacPhearson, & Hard Hittin Harry; and the visual artists – Sade Dozier,Wyatt Gallery, Kimberly Becoat, Musa, Tim Okamura, Monique Schubert, Alexandria Smith, Richard Earthman Laurent & Francks Deceus. We also want to thank our volunteers: Ayinde, Adaku, Kala, Tei, Jaz, Melisia, Kenta, Stephanie, Asere, & Melissa; and much gratitude to our co-producer Kim Knox. And finally, A BIG SHOUT OUT to our production team (who are also delegates and organizers of the healing project) – Naima Penniman, Angelique V. Nixon, Beatrice Anderson, Patricia Janvier, and Donna Hope.

For those who couldn’t make the benefit and/or who still want to support our ongoing efforts and the project underway, PLEASE consider making an offering here into our wepay account for the work of AYITI RESURRECT & Ayiti Cherie Healing Project. (CLICK ON CONTRIBUTE OR THE DONATE BUTTON ABOVE!)  GO TO SITE.

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