MDG Progress in Short 2: Universal primary education

The big news (or not) here is that the world needs more teachers.  Sub-Saharan Africa especially needs twice as many teachers as it currently has.

Goal 2:  Achieve Universal primary education.

TARGET:  Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling

To achieve the goal by the target date, all children at the official entry age for primary school would have had to be attending classes by 2009 or so, depending on the duration of the primary level and how well schools retain pupils to the end of the cycle. But in half of the sub-Saharan African countries with available data, at least one in four children of primary-school age were out of school in 2008.

To meet the goal, countries will also need to ensure that there are enough teachers and classrooms to meet the demand. Between now and 2015, the number of new teachers needed in sub-Saharan Africa alone equals the current teaching force in the region.

All the data listed in this blog set are pulled from the Millenium Development Goals Report of 2010, a progress report issued by the UN earlier in 2010. Each goal can help us understand some of the pressing crises of the world, bringing it into focus in our own lives.  Click here to find out some ways to get involved and make this new year time to reflect on the needs of the world.



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