Next on the menu: iCorn?

Here’s another follow-up to my first note on the Gates involvement with GMO’s for Africa, courtesy of Food First (I commend them for their attentiveness to this issue).  I really wonder how such a brilliant guy can be so short-sighted about the issue of food security.   He had so much potential.  Corporate control and interest in regional agricultural systems throughout the “global South” amounts to a new form of imperialism, stripping communities of their self-determination, while hooking them on the mirage of surplus.

Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? The Emperor’s New GMOs | Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy.

There are other “technologies” that allow communities to scale-up agriculture through natural means that do not threaten biodiversity.  Check out bio-char!  A Pre-Colombian Amazon technique in which the earth was enriched with a specially produced charcoal from recycled organic scraps.  The dark, nutrient rich earth known as Terra Preta proves to be more fertile than non-enriched parts of the Amazonian rainforest.  Scaling the production of Terra Preta, or bio-char, is just one organic application for improving food output without destroying the world’s seed crops through genetic contamination and patent imperialism.


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