SustainACTIVITY: Vintage styles and clothing swaps

This one is for the style junkies out there.  Here’s a video highlighting a Chicago-based vintage stylist… shown on, from Conscious Living TV on Vimeo.

Although it’s nothing new to folks who have lived frugally on the clothing side, altered and tailored clothing represents the potential for great creativity and demand for those skills in a more sustainable economy.  I’ve never learned to sew, and it’s something I could have but did not demand to learn as a child.  Sewing class anyone?

And for this Weekend:


Sunday, Oct 17
Amarachi Lounge (325 Franklin btwn Clifton & Greene, BK, NY)
Bring: $5 and no less than 5 items to swap
Take: As many items as the bag you brought can hold
Want to help? CLICK HERE
*Funds go to Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit 2011, remaining clothes go to Safe Horizons, and Stoop youth get training in production and merchandising.

ORGANIZED BY: Sallomé Hralima, Social Architect
twitter: @sallome / skype: sallome


About C. Sala Hewitt

C. Sala Hewitt
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