350. If you don’t know, now ya know…

I mentioned 350.org in my last post, and to be sure that folks don’t miss the message, here’s a separate note to clarify:  Who/What is 350.org?  It’s all about the number in this case.  The org is a network of climate activists who are promoting awareness of the critical number 350.

Specifically, 350 Parts Per Million is the “upper limit” or highest level of concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere that scientists deem safe for the planet, and after which THINGS FALL APART.  Before industrialization, the CO2 parts per million averaged 275.  We are already inching near 390 Parts Per Million. WTF?!!


Driving while drunk?  Driving while sh*tfaced is more like what’s going on here.  An inebriated global economy drunk on the elixir of mad-hatter capitalism’s profit at any cost.

The intervention begins with you.  and me.  Changing climate change requires the network effect…like the telephone.  One person with a telephone is a dead-end conversation, however a network of telephones connecting to more and more users is a complete paradigm shift.

Be vocal about your commitments to conserving resources.  Start planning and adapting eco-alternatives in your life, because the grass IS greener on the other, lower side of the 350 ppm limit.

Here’s a wake-up call from Alex Steffen, founder and editor of Worldchanging.com, with whom I agree in this instance:

“This is going to be hardest to accept here in the U.S., where lifestyle environmentalism has been shouted from every rooftop as the answer to our problems. It’s going to take much more than a new president to hep Americans come to an understanding that the upper-middle class suburban lifestyle (to which many of us aspire) has become a thing of active evil, and no amount of technofix is going to change that — we can’t just change our lightbulbs and swap our hummers for priuses and call it a day. We’re going to have to act together to redesign, reinvent, retrofit and re-engineer nearly every aspect of modern life, and we’re going to have to do it in part through regulations, taxes, bans and fees, and we’re going to have to do it quickly, and for those unready or unwilling to make the change it’s going to hurt.

On the other hand, this moment also offers both the nation and us as people the greatest opportunity for reinvention we’ve ever had.”

Individual lifestyle changes are absolutely important because they solidify our commitments to ourselves.  However, we cannot forget about the need for a new NETWORK altogether, an entire ecological paradigm shift that will require political action, economic innovation, and systemic education.  We each have many parts to play.

Yesterday’s 10.10.10 global work party theme was an inspiration, but the real question is, what will we do tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.


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