10.10.10…I win!

The date October 10, 2010 seemed to have enamored many with lotto wins, news of babies born to the corresponding minute/second deemed destined, and calls for social campaign efforts like http://www.worldwidemoment.org, which asked people all over the world to take photos synchronized at the fated moment, thus recording a glimpse in the history of the world.

Some folks in the eco-awareness movement also decided to “house this” (read: steal the show) date with a proclamation set forth by 350.org promoting 10.10.10 as a “Global Workparty, a day to celebrate climate solutions”. 350.org reports that 7347 events took place in 188 countries around the world where folks got together to do something for the environment.

Although I did not seek out any “registered” 10.10.10 event, I joined a small but spirited contingent of Brooklynites on a tour of the magical plantlife of Prospect Park (Brooklyn’s more naturalistic variation of Central Park, conceived by the same landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux).

We nibbled on hawthorne berries (good for the heart!), discussed the wisdom in a harvest from local ginko trees, and were amazed by the styrofoam look-alike lifeform called a puffball mushroom.  The tour was guided by a warm and wise “bush-doctor” we addressed as Sister Tioma, who shared her knowledge and familiarity of the local medicinals growing right in the borough’s backyard.

After our walking tour, we settled down on a plot of grass, nibbling on, well, grass (onion chives, to be exact), wild mustard greens, and lambs quarters leaflets.  Over this impromptu salad-without-the-bowl, we shared stories of our relationships to land and natural medicine, and discussed the import of maintaining plant wisdom in the face of seed patenting, cash cropping and GM field testing.

I felt my spirit replenished, as we honored our connection to the local landscape, giving thanks for nature’s ability to provide such abundance of beauty and function.


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C. Sala Hewitt
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