Raw Food Reprise…Video project launch

My earliest posts on this site were inspired by some dinner party adventures in raw food.  I co-chef’d 2 raw food dinners featuring items like lasagna, burritos & “rice”, soups and ice cream–mmmm. For the lactose intolerant, the raw ice cream is really a decadent treat!

But I’m certainly late in the raw food game, and I’m just a dabbler. There are many passionate foodies who like their food flavorful and like it raw, too! Just take a look at this video I co-produced of Raw Star co-owner and chef Mawule. The video is an experimental first in a wider project I’m launching called Aware We Grow (formerly, Live Well). More about that to come.

I love that Raw Star’s take on a Caribbean-inspired menu really adds flair to the palate. It also demonstrates that healthy food is truly a roots issue… nutrition-challenged, dietary resources and habits in minority and poor communities contribute to disproportionate health conditions including (of course) diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


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C. Sala Hewitt
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