Aware We Grow: Your story here.

“Aware We Grow”
Sustainable and holistic living, up from the ‘roots.

Wherever you live, wherever you look there’s someone close by who is seeking and practicing holistic and sustainable living in ways large and small. Our diverse stories can inspire each other to take just one more step towards the type of world we want to see, grassroots style. We want to get to know people who are transforming their lives through conscious choices, and we want to know how they got there. Let’s grow together.

If you or someone you know has a story to tell about their choices for holistic and sustainable living and business, please contact me to be considered for an Aware We Grow profile video.

It’s a totally new project, just getting started and we’re looking for ALL kinds of people, not just experts or professionals (though we love you, too).

Here’s a taste of another “beta” video.

We are also looking for folks to join the production team, so feel free to inquire if this topic interests you!


About C. Sala Hewitt

C. Sala Hewitt
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