What does urgency look like?

Just as a reminder, this information on the degradation of ecosystems was reported in a speech by UN Environment Programme Executive Director Achim Steiner at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference:
“A few facts:

* Entire forest systems have effectively disappeared in at least 25 countries and have declined by 90 percent in another 29 countries.

* Since the onset of industrial fisheries in the 1960s, the total biomass of large, commercially-targeted marine fish species has declined by a ‘staggering’ 90 percent, says the Year Book.

* On current projections, the availability of cropland per person is set to drop to 0.1 hectares requiring a rise in agricultural production “unattainable through conventional means”.

* Soil degradation, linked with intensification, has now and already affected all but 16 percent of the world’s croplands.

Overall, the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment concluded that 60 percent of the Earth’s ecosystems are damaged or being degraded. The Year Book confirms that many of the trends continue unabated.”

Get the full speech here.


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