More on Raw Food

I helped conduct 2 raw food dinner nights at my place this Spring, and they were surprisingly well received among my friends–most of whom are not raw foodies, much less vegan or even vegetarian.  I recall one skeptic in particular saying “This food was great!  and i don´t even like this sort of thing!”  I think it was in response to my raw lasagna and apple pie, which truly are quite tasty.  Additionally, I had a great experience with homemade raw ice cream–way easier than you might imagine!  I´will return to post these recipes soon.

As much as I love tasty heatlthy food, eating raw is not something I have intended on committing to everyday.  However, the folks at Raw Star, an innovative eatery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn proves that raw food can be destination even for those of us with an inclination towards a spicier palate.  Their dishes are inspired by Trinidadian flavors and cuisine, which can help convert even some of the hardline non-raw skeptics.  I even hear their lasagna is better than mine (hmph, I owe them a taste test!  It is one of their dishes i haven´t yet tried).

Soon I´ll be posting a link to an interview with one of Raw Star´s  chef-owners, as part of a series called “Live Well Profiles”.

This video series highlights individuals that are making a life and a living through their passions for sustainability and holistic wellness.  More on that to come!


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