Connecting to Earth

Lately in my life, I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to sustainable living.  I’ve been an organizer in some lights, having worked to spread knowledge and engagement on green issues both in my community and my workplace.  However, some of these activities have been largely conceptual, as in hosting an introduction to the history of global warming conducted by a senior editor at National Geographic magazine.   And others have been tangible, helping neighbors and myself access organic food at low prices through collective, or “buying group” and CSA purchasing.  I compost at my neighborhood garden, and have tried (unsuccessfully) to grow backyard tomatoes in a plot overcome by the shadows of urban buildings.

Now I´ve decided to get a little closer to the source and improve the green’ness of my thumb.  I´ve taken a little life detour to Costa Rica this summer to spend some time on an organic farm and medicinal herb garden.  In this way, I hope to learn something of what it takes to truly sustain oneself from the land.

And as an additional intellectual bonus, I´ll be learning a little Spanish!  Ease of human communication, I believe, is an important component of a fair and sustainable planet.


About C. Sala Hewitt

C. Sala Hewitt
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